Giving Greyhounds a Second Chance

Greys4Pets Inc. is a private animal shelter and a registered charity located in QLD rehoming surrendered and retired Greyhounds.
Greys4Pets Mission
To nurture, keep safe and re-home Greyhounds and all other breeds of dogs (ask us about other breeds that we rehome) into responsible and loving homes.
Company Overview
Greys4Pets Inc. is a private shelter and a registered charity located in QLD rehoming  surrendered and retired Greyhounds.
General information
Grey4Pets receives no government funding and is totally reliant on the generosity and good will of volunteers and the general public to help these dogs in need of shelter, foster care and re-homing.
Prices vary for different greyhounds depending on age, needs, etc. Our normal price for a young greyhound is $350.00, this includes....microchipping, vaccinations, worming vet check, bathing and defleaing, and teeth scaled.  AS YOU CAN SEE FOR YOURSELF, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO SPEND ON YOUR PET WHEN YOU GET HIM/HER HOME, EXCEPT FOR A BED, FOOD AND LOVE.
I've been very good today mommy, even dressed myself.
Greyhounds have always been a winner.

We are a group of dedicated volunteers who love Greyhounds and hope to find homes for each and every one we have on this site. 

If you would like to have your say or ask us a question concerning the greyhounds, we have a forum with members who can answer them for you within 24 hours of posting...Give us a go, come in and read what we have to say and maybe add a joke or two.
Just click on the link below or copy and paste it in your browser.

            Looking Forward To Seeing You There

   We now have our Forum Up And Running
          Sorry for the delay as  I have not been well
                     All you have to do is click on

                   Members that have registered have now been approved   

          Come in and have a chat, join us in our chatroom

                   THE CHATROOM IS NOW OPEN

  Please tell all your friends to register with a name and password at :

We can at a later date arrange for a night/day when most of us are free to go in for a chat as some of us live in different Time Zones and different Countries.

Please note: Some people have asked if a fee of $2.99 has to be paid to join the forum..........This forum is free from your PC but on checking I think the $2.99 fee is for mobile phones only.


Things you should know

These are the things you should know before buying a cat or dog. Please read carefully and check out if your  Shire Council is listed.

Sorry that the picture is so small, please zoom in to read.




Last updated......14th April2017


Happy Hounds.
Holiday time.

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Isabelle | Reply 13.12.2016 18.51

Our family of four had been contemplating adopting a rescued greyhound for a few months before we visited Elaine's property in Coombabah, the home of the Greys 4 Pets program. Elaine was welcoming and knowledgeable, as she had been when we first contacted

BrodyAquino | Reply 10.11.2016 23.39

Vinnie Rasmussen | Reply 21.03.2016 15.56

Love it!!!

Elaine | Reply 31.05.2015 19.59

Hi Anthea I new it would work out in time, sometimes they need a mate to play with . So I assume it's a foster fail again Good news for Tuppa

Anthea | Reply 20.05.2015 19.57

Hi Elaine. Just letting you know, the 2 "kids" are getting on VERY well. Bonnie our first rescue isn't so anxious, getting a 2nd rescue the best!!

Shirley | Reply 20.04.2015 01.08

Hi AMY, yes the Shelter does have a no-kill policy and we hope to keep up the same quality of rehoming for a long time to come.

Amy | Reply 04.04.2015 16.09

Hi, could you please advise whether your shelter has a 'no-kill poilcy'?
Thanks and keep up the great work.

Frances | Reply 24.09.2014 22.54

Hi, I sent an email via, my granny Elizabeth is looking for a mature greyhound after the loss of her dog a year ago. She has a cat also.

Shirley 26.09.2014 01.00

Hello Frances, Elaine would be able to help you find a mature greyhound if you phone her on one of these numbers
07 54264567 or 0435900658
Cheers Shirley

Elaine | Reply 18.04.2014 22.19

Hi Nadine we have several greyhounds in rescue boys and girls, do you have cats or any small dogs. U can ring me on 0754264567 or 0435900658
Cheers Elaine

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