Become a Foster Carer

Foster carers are extremely important any adoption program as they play a vital

role in our adoption process by providing a temporary home for our greyhounds until a forever home is found.

Greyhound rescue and rehoming efforts means that we can save more of these

loyal dogs when they have been retired from racing. The foster carer’s role is to assist with the transition from race dog to being a member of a family by introducing it to normal household life.

As most greyhounds have never been inside a house before it can be quite an experience for some, others will adapt more easily.

Greyhounds are generally well mannered, affectionate dogs and are usually quite adaptable and settle in well to their new surroundings. Foster carers can give the dog the best opportunity to readjust by exposing him/her to many things that they will have to be accustomed to in it’s new forever home.



Foster Carers will be able to stipulate the length of time they wish to have their charge in order to accomplish confidence in their new surroundings. Usually it is around 4-6 weeks, when this period had elapsed the foster carer will be asked to make an assessment report so Greys4Pets can then find the right home and family.

Greys4Pets do not expect foster carers to continually keep taking greyhounds one after the other and it is entirely up to them to tell the program when and how long it would be convenient to do so.

Ongoing support is readily available to the foster carer through the program if and when required. Just a phone call  or email can sort out most problems.



Foster dogs will be bathed, wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and desexed before being received into the foster home., and supplied with a lead, collar and muzzle and a warm coat in winter.


Should at any time the greyhound is lost or goes missing Greys4Pets should be contacted immediately.

If the greyhound is injured, the foster carer should phone Greys4Pets and take the dog to the nominated veterinary practice or in an urgent case to the nearest veterinary clinic. These bills are picked up by Greys4Pets in most cases.


Sometimes foster carers wish to keep the greyhound they are fostering, this is fine, unless that particular animal has been promised to another family or is in the process of adoption and the foster carer pays the nominated adoption fee.




    Go Twigs ..... This gorgeous Grey girl was adopted by her Foster Mum Lisa and family on Valentines Day ..... Go Twigs lucky girl, like we didn't see that one... coming!!! : )

    Twiggy's new Mum Lisa & family. Lisa said "Well I think I got the best valentines day pressie today.. Twiggy is now adopted not fostered and to top it off a yummy box of chocs!" Twiggy certainly loves her new home and doggie sister Daisy, she loves her new cat sister too and tries desperately to make friends but she is not as fond of Twiggy yet. We could not have wished for a better home for Twiggy XxSee more


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DONE Sending...

Helen Taylor | Reply 31.03.2016 18.09

Is this where I go? I was comtemplating fostering a GH again. I have 2 myself. I live in Boonah. Gumtree GH said I was too far away to foster for them.

Rachel Evans 05.04.2016 18.52

Hi Helen

Please contact Elaine on (07) 54264567 after 7.30pm if possible to discuss options for you.


Greys4Pets Inc.

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28.12 | 20:21

HI. Have been wanting to get a grey girl for some time ...BUT...i have my 3 kitties and i am worried that a grey would attack them. Thoughts??

03.12 | 22:58

Hi Angela, yes it's possible to keep a greyhound in a townhouse but certain things must be taken into consideration, phone me if interested. 0420352863 Shirley

02.12 | 03:10

Thank you Diane for your continuing interest.

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