Do you qualify to own a pet greyhound

Do You Qualify to Become a Pet Greyhound Owner


This questionaire has been developed to test yourself and see if you can provide a safe, loving environment for a Pet Greyhound.

1. Will your Greyhound be on a lead at all times ?





2. Will your Greyhound wear a muzzle when your are away from your property ?

    When it is necessary


    Only when there are other dogs around

    When we feel like it

3. Does your fencing adhere to the council laws and suitable to keep your Greyhound safe ?

    Most of my yard is fenced

    My yard is fully fenced with 3 foot fences

    I have 6 foot fences all around the property

    I have no fences but will use a wire run

4. Will your Greyhound be left alone at any stage during the day ?

    Under 1 hour a day

    3 - 4 hours a day

    4 - 8 hours a day

    8 - 12 hours a day

5. Are you willing to let your Greyhound into the house ?


    Occasionally - but there is an area outside where they will be very comfortable.

    My Greyhound will have access to both inside and outside

    The Greyhound will be kept inside at all times

6. Does your whole family agree that owning a Pet Greyhound is a good idea ?

    Yes - all of the family agree

    One of the family is not sure

    Some are a bit hesitant

    I am the only person who wants a Pet Greyhound

7. How many times would you take your Greyhound for a walk ?


    Once a week

    Three times a week

    When I feel like it

8. How often do you think you will take your Greyhound to the vet for a checkup ?

    Only when something is wrong

    Every 12 months when his yearly injections are due


    Every 2 years


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Tania | Reply 29.07.2016 16.15

Thinking about adoption and or foster care

Elaine Luke 29.07.2016 16.46

Hi Tania if would like to give me a ring on 0754264567 or 0435900658 Regards Elaine

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I'm Diane C. Brown. I read your articles. I think it's a good idea. We all are so busy in whole day.

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Hey I'm Diane C. Brown. That’s a great idea. I have read your articles.

13.09 | 01:10

Thank you Deanne for your support, hopeto be updating this site soon with some more stories.

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yes it brings you to tears reading this story, I love it and often come in to have another read, please visit

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