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Please email us at and we will send you all the relevant information you will need to proceed in an adoption of a greyhound with Greys4Pets Inc.


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Diane C. Brown | Reply 21.09.2017 08.52

Hey I'm Diane C. Brown. That’s a great idea. I have read your articles.

Elaine | Reply 01.10.2015 17.25

Hello sorry haven't been online for a couple of days , you are enquiring about adoption. If you would like to contact me personally on my home line 0754264567

Luke | Reply 25.09.2015 16.03


Would you please tell me how I might adopt a greyhound? I would like a quiet dog who enjoys walk and is as at home in the backyard as he/she is inside.

Simoni | Reply 12.08.2015 20.23


Would like to know about your adoption process. We particulalry need a dog that is cat-friendly.



Elaine 16.08.2015 12.25

Hi Simoni,
We have a girl called Taffy she is in foster at the moment she is okay with cats. If you would like to give me a call 0754264567 then we can chat

Shirley | Reply 22.04.2015 01.21

Thank you Sally

Sally | Reply 21.04.2015 19.40

Great work. Lovely to know you exist. Thanks for all you do; will join now.

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10.10 | 03:23

I'm Diane C. Brown. I read your articles. I think it's a good idea. We all are so busy in whole day.

21.09 | 08:52

Hey I'm Diane C. Brown. That’s a great idea. I have read your articles.

13.09 | 01:10

Thank you Deanne for your support, hopeto be updating this site soon with some more stories.

12.09 | 21:31

yes it brings you to tears reading this story, I love it and often come in to have another read, please visit

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